Saturday, August 30, 2014

Landwarming party!

No new purchase of ours is complete without having a party (or a few). Since there is no house yet, we decided to do a landwarming party. First, we set the date, then we looked at the weather. It was going to pour rain all weekend. Change the date? Nah, this would be a good test of how good our friends really are. Turns out? They're awesome. They show up to camp. In the rain.

 Prepping the hemlock grove for some tents


Just add water (or beer) for instant friends

Boat dogs don't know what to do with themselves with so much open space

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The beginning of a new adventure

Jason and I have somewhat short attention spans, so the fact that we've lived on our sailboat for over 6 years without killing each other is something of a miracle. We've decided maybe it's time to stop testing fate and build a house together (that's so much better for your marriage, isn't it?). We paid a whole grunch of money for some seriously huge trees on Vashon Island - about 10 acres worth. We couldn't be more excited for this new adventure! This blog will mostly be a reminder to us how naive and innocent we were at various times throughout the process, but will hopefully also serve for a bit of knowledge for other people hoping to build in unincorporated King County.

Some pictures of our great new wood

And, as it turns out, we did not buy only trees, we were the lucky winners of this lovely abandoned homeless camp - how lucky for us! Inside? A shopping cart, rusty cans, 1 shoe and an old mattress - winner winner chicken dinner!

So let's get to WORK!!