Friday, April 3, 2015

House evolution

As much fun as it was to design our own house, we spent some time interviewing architects and then we got seriously nauseous at the $30-40k price tag we were getting for designing a custom build.

Saved by the interwebs after about a month of searching for stock plans and we finally came across this one that we love love love (even more than what we were designing from scratch!)

Our criteria was:

  • Small (under 1200 ft2)
  • Lofted or other elevation change inside the house
  • Open kitchen/dining/living room plan
  • Very well-insulated - we'd love to get to net-zero with solar
  • Great southern exposure windows for passive solar heating
  • Not too hard to build
  • Fits in with the surrounding land

Love it!

We will likely do some modifications to the plan such as:

  • Full basement/stairs
  • Window seat
  • Nanawall