Monday, December 21, 2015

On the road again

Here we are, finally leaving! Originally planned for Saturday. Saturday's plan became Sunday and Sunday's plan became Monday. Monday it is! Very conveniently on the shortest day of the year since we decided to make up for lost time and drive straight through to Joshua Tree. 20 hours and most of which will be in the dark.

I'm reminded much of our boat trips: 3 hour shifts, sleeping next to the hum of the diesel engine, stopping occasionally to fill the beast. Fortunately this time we don't have to fill her from jerry cans whilst rolling in the incessant waves of the Pacific. Oh and we're going the speed of light compared to the boat. We'll do in less than a day what took us over 2 months on the boat.

I'm waiting to see if Jason can pee off the truck like he peed off the boat. I'll keep you updated.